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Founded in 1998 by George J. Schultze, Schultze Asset Management is a leader in the distressed securities investment space. In our 20 years of experience we’ve specialized in exploiting opportunities of undervalued investments, utilizing long and/or short-term involvement in the securities of distressed companies, either currently experiencing a major restructuring or reorganization. Within this niche, we focus heavily on special situation investing with these financially troubled and distressed credits.

George Schultze of Schultze Asset Management

Located in New York, we are a U.S. distressed securities manager, focusing especially on U.S. firms. Our flexibility to invest during any part of the capital structure or any point of the restructuring process gives us a leg-up in providing a positive return on investment for those investing with us. Utilizing a highly disciplined alternative investment process, we seek to identify securities that have been mispriced within the marketplace, mainly due to the their companies current market standing. By identifying these securities and pairing them with events that are likely to act as catalysts to driving their values towards fair market values, we aim to create positive returns for our clients.

What Are Distressed Securities?

Investopedia defines distressed securities as:

“financial instruments¬†issued by a company that is near to or currently going through¬†bankruptcy. As a result of the issuing company’s inability to meet its financial obligations, these financial instruments have suffered a substantial reduction in value, but because of their implicit riskiness, they offer investors the potential for high returns.”

Through experienced and a disciplined process of research and due diligence, Schultze Asset Management specializes in turning these distressed market fluctuations into positive returns. By pairing these securities that hold below ideal credit ratings (allowing for maximum potential risk to payoff ratios) with in-depth analysis of the marketplace, we aim to identify which of these distressed securities are likely to result in returns. We cover more on the basics of distressed securities on our What Are Distressed Securities? page.

Want to Learn More About Distressed Securities?

That is just scratching the surface of investing with distressed securities. Beyond simple definitions, there is more advanced information to be attained, including discovering distressed companies, analyzing their situations, running scenarios on potential events within their industry, and much more.

If you’re interested in learning more about distressed securities, our firms processes regarding such securities, and our managing partner, George Schultze’s, views on the subject, take a look at our Learn More About Distressed Securities page.

Find Out More About Schultze Asset Management

We’ve been dealing in distressed securities investing for 20 years, having taken part in several high-profile cases and many diverse industries. Our managing partner regular contributes to top financial publications, including Forbes online.

Interested in investing with us? Find out more about our firm, and what others have to say about Schultze Asset Management over on our About Us page

Schultze Asset Management Media

Founder and managing partner of Schultze Asset Management, George Schultze, talks about our firm’s approach to investing in this short video. From what exactly “vulture investing” is, to why distressed securities are an important part of a diversified portfolio, he answers many common questions.

In this video, founder and managing partner of Schultze Asset Management, George Schultze talks about the firm, and gives a general outline of our process.

George Schultze of Schultze Asset Management talks about his takeaways from the Global Fund Forum. This interview took place on location at the convention, at Bermuda in 2016 and was conducted by

George Schultze, Founder and Managing Partner of Schultze Asset Management talks to CNBC Arabia about current marketplace trends.

George Schultze, founder of Schultze Asset Managment, talks about changes in the investment and distressed securities industry at the 4th annual Hedgeopolis. Interview conducted on location by

George Schultze, Founder and Managing Partner of Schultze Asset Management talks to CNBC Arabia about current marketplace trends.

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