George Schultze Identifies Best Picks for Vulture Investors

Category: distressed securities

Recently, founder of Schultze Asset Management, George Schultze offered his insights to all investors, identifying the best picks that are out there right now for Vulture Investors. You can look at a write up on this Schultze Asset Management event at this website. Below, you’ll also find an excerpt from the write up.

Excerpt from “Best Picks for Vulture Investors”

“George J. Schultze is the Founder of Schultze Asset Management, LP, chairs the company’s investment and strategy committees, and together with his team makes the final decision on all investments for the portfolio. He is widely recognized as an expert on distressed and special situations investing, and is often quoted in the media regarding high-profile reorganization cases. Mr. Schultze is also author of The Art of Vulture Investing: Adventures in Distressed Securities Management and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and graduate schools such as Harvard Business School. Prior to founding Schultze Asset Management, LP, he honed his activist distressed-investing approach with M.D. Sass. Before that, he was employed with Fiduciary Partners fund of funds, the Mayer Brown & Platt law firm and Merrill Lynch. Mr. Schultze is a joint MBA/J.D. graduate of Columbia Business School and Columbia Law School.  In his exclusive interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Schultze details his vulture investing protocol.”

Insight Into His Picks

“For instance, picture a fixed income mutual fund, a fixed income ETF, an insurance company, a CLO that owns original-issue bond or loan debt that was extended to a company in the U.S. When things change, if that loan or bond stops paying regular interest and principal, those original-issue investors often become forced sellers. They don’t have a long-term appetite to remain in that security and see it through a workout.”

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