Learn More About Distressed Securities

Interested in learning more about distressed securities, and our approach to investing? Here are some resources from around the web to help you out.

Schultze Asset Management Videos

Our Vimeo and Youtube accounts include videos on our unique approach to asset management, along with interviews with our founder, and managing partner, George Schultze.

Further Generalized Reading

If you’re interested in learning even more, our founder, George Schultze, has published a number of online articles and interviews regarding distressed securities and “vulture” investing.

Schultze participates in a Q & A discussing our fund’s unique approach to distressed investing for FinAlternatives.

Schultze talks to Opalesque TV about The Art of Vulture Investing.

Article on The Wall Street Transcript about current suggested picks for distressed securities.

Finally, Schultze is also regularly active on Forbes where you can find dozens of timely articles.